About Us

Our Misson

To become the first destination on your trip when shopping for travel.

Our Philosophy (a.k.a. Why one site is not enough)

Since 2001, we have tried everything in the world of travel :

  • Regular discount travel seller
  • Travel site adviser for first-time online traveling
  • Web travel search engine
  • Aggregate comparison airfare search engine (a.k.a. FareMonkey)
  • Travel site for seniors

And no matter what we have tried there is one thing that has always remained true - people like to shop around. So we finally said, what do people coming to SunTrip reallly want? Then we asked and watched and studied and learned and what did we find? People want to shop around.

Hence the new SunTrip. A single, easy-to-use website which provides discount travel prices and makes it easy to shop around. We know that we won't always have the best deal but we still want you to use our site when booking a trip. So we created a way for you to simply search dozens of other sites from one place. Simple concept - yes. What people want - we hope so.(If we are wrong, please let us know)

How (and Why) to Use SunTrip

Our site is very simple. Enter your trip once, just once (hint : this is part of why you use SunTrip ) and then click on the travel or airline site you want to search. SunTrip will automatically connect you to their best fares. So what's so special about this - it's amazingly easy, which in the world of complicated travel sites is a welcome change. Try it, we think you will like it.

Contact SunTrip

  • support@suntrip.com

    You'd like to be a partner with SunTrip ? We are open-minded and ready to make such a good partnership. It must be a WIN-WIN Partnership.

  • support@suntrip.com

    You have problems with application program ? If you have some problems , don't hesitate to contact us.